• Emergency Telecoms Recovery

Emergency Telecoms Recovery:

Portable Recovery Unit (PRU) Re-route and voice record your incoming calls in an emergency with GemaTech’s Portable Recovery Unit.

GemaTech have created a uniquely portable telecoms recovery unit, designed to re-route and voice record any number of concurrent inbound calls.

Deployed as a fully managed service, the PRU is hosted in the local serving carrier’s exchange, if the ‘last mile’ circuits between the exchange and your organisation fails due to fire, flood, power failure, terrorist threat or other disruptive event, your incoming calls will be re-routed to alternative phones such as mobiles, home phones or recovery sites.

In addition, by providing secure exchange based voice recording, should you wish to review the impact of your telecoms recovery plan, a record of all your re-routed voice calls will be instantly and remotely accessible via a secure web browser.

The PRU offers a high value, low cost insurance solution to protect your telecoms.