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Introducing a cost-effective voice recording solution.

Which makes the recording of all incoming and outgoing telephone conversations affordable for any business, no matter how large – or small!

In an era when it takes seconds to send information around the world, make purchasing decisions over the Internet simply by clicking a mouse, and conducting business transactions over the telephone on a 24 x 7 basis via specialized call centres – why is it that companies still rely on their employee’s (fallible) human faculties to remember precisely what was said during those all important telephone calls, and faithfully transcribe their recollections/notes of those conversations into the central database, or correctly implement the instructions received and remembered – possibly after a good time out on the town the night before?

Whilst the technical capability of being able to record all incoming and outgoing telephone calls has been available for a number of years – it has been, and in many cases remains, prohibitively expensive to all but the most wealthy i.e. the finance houses, trading operations (where FSA rules make voice recording compulsory) and those who can only afford to record on a selective basis for monitoring and training purposes.

Given the relative exclusivity of the voice recording market it is easy to understand why it has been too expensive for the small to medium enterprises (SMEs), which comprise some 98% of companies in business today, to even contemplate purchasing a basic secure voice recording system, let alone a high quality digital recording system that retains all recordings for a significant period of time i.e. weeks, months or even years in order to fully protect their business from false accusations.

But why is this? The simple answer is that, to date, no voice recording manufacturer has been willing or able to break the price/commodity barrier to market.

This price/commodity barrier can be illustrated with the example of the gradual adoption of voice mail over recent years. Only 5-10 years ago, voice mail was a “nice to have” feature but at £5,000 - £10,000 was far too expensive for most businesses. However, when the cost of voice mail software dropped to below, say £2,500 it became affordable to all – and who today does not have access to voice mail?

A similar analogy can be drawn with the dramatic increase in the use of email. Now that email is freely available to all, it is used in everyday business, whereas before we would have used traditional correspondence, fax, – or the telephone to exchange such information.

But when email is received, what do you do with it after first reading it? Most people either discard it immediately – or they keep selected, relevant, or important emails in folders for referral if and when necessary.

So why not use the same techniques to retain record copies of your telephone calls?

In order to address this market, GemaTech has developed an extremely cost-effective, digital, trunk side secure voice-recording product capable of simultaneously recording all 30 channels of an ISDN 30 E1 connection serving any proprietary PABX. (Note: for smaller businesses BT, C&W etc. will install an E1 and only activate and charge rental for 8 channels as a basic minimum). GemaTech’s Secure Voice Recorder (SVR) includes a number of USP’s over traditional voice recording suppliers notably the ability to voice record and play back in stereo, and full mouse-over-monitoring, which is the ultimate in agent monitoring. The basic version of this product, the SVRlite, provides a high quality digital stereo recording system which has ability to quickly and easily retrieve a selected recording using a standard web browser and to play it back over the stereo speakers of your laptop/PC from anywhere in the world. Other features include the ability to email the link to that recording to anyone who has security access – all for an end-user price of less than £10,000 per E1 connection recording all 30 channels simultaneously.

It should also be appreciated, that there are many more benefits available to businesses using voice recording than the singularly most important one of recording telephone based transactions for use in possible dispute resolution. It can be used as a very powerful monitoring and training tool for improving the performance of staff. Given the ever-increasing demands on businesses to provide courteous, timely and accurate information to potential customers and callers, the ability to listen in, monitor and train your front line staff is invaluable in maintaining and even improving your customer service levels.