• Smartphone Voice Recording

What is Smartphone Voice Recording?

GemaTech’s Mobile Voice Recording solution enables your employees to voice record all or selected phone calls they make from any phone, mobile, PDA or PC soft phone which has the ability to access a web page. Learn how this can benefit my business?...

Call Retrieval:
Mobile Voice Recording is a valuable tool for recalling all information exchanged during calls made from mobile phones particularly in cases where people have mis-heard or forgotten information, or when a customer is disputing what has been agreed over the phone. What are the main features of this solution?...

Recording Mobile conversations also ensures that your organisation is compliant with any future FSA (Financial Services Authority) legislation requiring you to voice record all phone conversations of a transactional nature. Why use GemaTech's voice recording solution?...

Note: The FSA is expected to make an announcement shortly on the current mobile recording exemption included in the 2009 regulations.

Hosted for Resilience:
Implementing a fully managed, hosted mobile voice recording service takes away the cost and hassle of managing on-site recording equipment, in addition to providing enhanced resilience. GemaTech records and stores your voice recordings using our global secure data storage network. All your voice recordings can be securely accessed via a password protected portal from anywhere in the world.

For customers using BlackBerry Smartphones, GemaTech provides a specialist voice recording service.

Who Needs Mobile Voice Recording?

Anyone who needs to record all or selected phone calls made by their employees using their mobile phones to retain a record of information exchanged between parties would benefit from implementing GemaTech’s Smartphone voice recording solution.