• Secure Voice Recording LITE

GemaTech Secure Voice Recording SVRLITE.

GemaTech SVRLITE is a digital, dual channel, trunk side secure voice-recording product capable of simultaneously recording all 30 channels of an ISDN 30 E1 connection serving any proprietary PABX. A standard secure web browser enables recordings to be quickly and easily retrieved and played back over the “stereo” speakers.

The SVRLITE has been specifically designed to be attached to each E1 connection servicing a conventional business or call centre to record all incoming and outbound telephone calls (including faxes although this will require specialist equipment to retrieve and playback faxes) passing through the PBX/ACD switch. It works in a completely non-intrusive way, there is no deterioration of sound quality to either the participants of the conversation or the recording itself.

The SVRLITE records high quality dual channel recordings into Phase 1 Storage, for approximately 2 weeks after which recordings are available in the Phase 2 Storage, prior to archiving for long term storage.

The SVRLITE incorporates a number of features including

Dual Channel Recording – The SVRLITE records all telephone interactions in high quality “stereo”. This feature assists management by reducing listener stress and enables easier performance monitoring as the origin of specific comments can be identified.

Compact Footprint – the compact and power efficient wall mounted unit takes up minimal space measuring approximately 15cm x 15cm x 4cm.

Completely Scaleable – The SVRLITE is modular. This means when the customer’s requirements increase GemaTech can add an additional unit for each additional E1 connection (30 channels). Additional storage can be attached with Network attached Storage (NAS).

Rules Based Recording – The SVRLITE unit incorporates up to 10 decision making parameters to enable the Administrator(s) to decide which calls are to be retained in permanent storage phase ranging from retain no calls apart from those identified within the decision making process to retain all calls apart from those identified within the decision making process.

Playback Access Rights – The SVRLITE incorporates up to five levels of access to playback recordings ranging from the overall administrator(s) who can set all access parameters but cannot listen to any calls: the second level providing access to ALL recordings: the third level providing access to those recordings relating to a specific “department”: the fourth level providing access to those recordings relating to a specific “team within a department; and the fifth level providing playback access to all calls to and from that particular individual employee.

JAVA Applet Playback Client – the easy to use playback utility comes with 10 client playback licenses as standard allowing up to three concurrent users, dependant upon call recording activity. Additional licences are available Free of Charge but may result in a higher specification storage server.

HTML Playback Client – In addition to the sophisticated JAVA playback facility, an extremely simple to use HTML format is also supplied which enables every person to quickly and easily recover and play back their own recordings.

Zero User Interaction required following setup - the SVRLITE does not require any additional interaction by the user or management. This means there are no tapes or disks to change or patch cables to alter.

Comprehensive management capabilities – Full statistical reporting and call logging without dedicated playback hardware or software. Playback is delivered through a JAVA and/or HTML applets. Replay of recordings uses secure web-cast streaming technology.

Supervisor intervention – Supervisors can monitor caller relations, verify information, and enforce company procedure.

Call monitoring – Agent training can include analysis of live situations with instant de-briefing, helping to fine-tune scripts and procedures to improve customer relations.

Instant Recall – Supervisors may replay a recording from the beginning, before finishing, (if supported by the PBX/ACD switch) thus minimising delay and resulting stress in difficult situations.

Statistical reporting – Full statistics are available using the integrated database, the JAVA applet and via Microsoft’s performance monitor. These statistics include trunk utilisation, calls per hour, storage capacity and fault reporting. The following additional information is also stored with every recording:

  • Time & Date
  • Time zone (in a distributed system)
  • Number prefix (such as the access code used)
  • Originating or destination phone number
  • *Extension number (where appropriate)
  • Channel number
  • Port number
  • Duration

*Some PBX’s will only provide the first or last extension if a call is transferred multiple times.

Search facilities - Search facilities include date, time, agent or extension (subject to CDR/Call Logger integration module being installed), Calling Line Identity (CLI), Direct Dial In (DDI) or Direct Inward Dialling (DID), Incoming/Outgoing.

Email and shortcuts – Shortcuts to a specific conversation or recording can be dragged to a folder, saved on the desktop and attached to your website or alternatively attached to an email in .wav format.

Control and configuration – All controls are fully integrated within Microsoft’s management consol, providing both centralized and unified management of not only the recording settings, but local and remote computers, network attached storage devices, even entire network configurations.

Full duplex recording – Recordings are stored with the caller and recipient on separate channels, known as stereo or binaural recording. This reduces listener strain and removes any doubt concerning the origin of a comment during a conversation, enabling easier query resolution.

Economical, Scaleable and future proof – A truly cost-effective solution with arguably the best price/performance ratio in the industry, the SVRLITE is both resilient and scaleable with a modular upgrade path to allow the SVRLITE to grow with your business. Additional GTE network attached storage or playback servers can be added to your network without affecting your configuration. System upgrade or expansion is achieved with ZERO DOWNTIME.

Maintenance – SVRLITE flexibility allows entire sections of the system to be shut down or disconnected for maintenance, without downtime (where multiple units are in place).

Full diagnostics - A built in analyser is included with the recording sub-system. Remote diagnostics can be quickly and efficiently undertaken without the need for a site visit from a GemaTech member of staff.

Management and reporting – This takes place utilizing Microsoft’s performance monitoring, to provide administrative information, alerts or email notification automatically.

Codes of conduct – The SVRLITE has been produced taking industry regulation and our own desire to produce the market leading secure voice recording solution into account.

SVRLITE surpasses all industry standards – set by watchdogs and mandatory requirements or recommendations for recording telephone transactions including ICSTIS.

Open standards – Wherever possible GemaTech have used the most widely available software and development tools to ensure that our system integrates seamlessly with existing environments.