• Rapid Call Out

GemaTech Rapid Call Out RCO.

Providing high volume notification of events. GemaTech’s RCO is a web based product which enables customers to issue up to one million messages simultaneously to employees to notify them of a significant event that has just occurred with instructions of what to do next or to a company’s distributors when a product needs to be recalled for any reason.

The development of GemaTech’s RCO product is another step towards achieving a rounded portfolio of telecoms business continuity products which will provide the customer with all that they need when considering all aspects for communications recovery.

GemaTech’s RCO product will provide the subscriber to this web based service with the ability to issue an immediate “call to action” to a distributed work force that might be still in bed in the middle of the night – or caught up in a horrific event such as 9/11 when every attempt should be made to locate, and account for, all employees and to ensure their well being with such information as can be collated made available to that employees family and friends.

An equally important use of such a service will be the immediate notification of a company’s customers or suppliers of the need to recall a product due to an inherent fault or the notification of an impending storm, flood or other natural disaster in a quick and efficient manner.

GemaTech’s RCO service will enable messages to be conveyed via a choice of multiple media whilst maintaining monitoring and feedback to key personnel. The service will also provide for recipients to acknowledge receipt of the message and the option of providing feedback of vital information. The RCO service has been designed to be able to generate in excess of a million contact attempts each minute using a variety of methods, these include; Voice telephone call; Fax; Pager; SMS; MMS; Secure Email; Secure Web notice board; Instant Messenger; PC POP-UP alerts; Voicemail; Radio broadcast push-to-talk technology; Local Emergency Information Radio Service LEIRS; Satellite Phone / Fax

To find out more about this powerful new product following its official launch on 21st November 2006 please email us at webenq@gematech.com with Rapid Call Out Module in the subject line together with a brief summary of your specific application.