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Kudos Research implements voice recording solution from GemaTech (UK) Ltd.

28th and 29th September 2005: International market research agency, Kudos Research, has placed an order valued in the region of £25,000, for SVRLITE, a Secure Voice Recording solution from GemaTech, a telephony solutions specialist. The solution, consisting of 2 units, is capable of recording 60 calls at any one time, and provides Kudos research with high quality recordings of all telephone interviews for monitoring, training, and any potential dispute resolution purposes.

Given the ever-increasing demands on businesses to provide accurate and timely information, the ability to monitor and train front line staff is invaluable in improving customer service levels. For Kudos Research, SVRLITE will ensure a high level of control over all telephone interviewing with the additional benefit of assisting the IQCS (Interviewer Quality Control Scheme) requirement to monitor 5% of interviews conducted.

Sue Long, Research Director at Kudos Research comments, “We first decided to purchase a voice recording solution to enhance our customer satisfaction. A key requirement of SVRLITE was its ease of use and ability to rapidly retrieve all of our conversations. This provides us with immediate access to recorded calls enabling us to confirm key points of a conversation at any time and therefore, eliminate any concerns over ‘who said what’.”

SVRLITE provides a high quality digital dual channel recording system which has the ability to quickly and easily locate and retrieve a selected recording using a standard web browser enabling users to play it back over the ‘stereo’ speakers of a PC. For easy retrieval, calls are recorded and indexed in a number of ways including by date, time of day, number dialed and extension number of the member of staff making or receiving the call.

Long explains, “Another benefit of voice recording is that is it much easier to monitor our international calls; 80% of the work we do is international. Previously, when we have had to interview abroad in regions such as the Far East, we had to use a specialist language supervisor to monitor the calls as they were occurring, usually overnight. . Now, with the voice recording solution, the supervisor can monitor all the required calls from a specific period of time in one go, whilst working during daytime hours. Naturally, this is much more time efficient, and therefore results in cost savings.”

Long continues “Under the Market Research Society’s code of conduct, if a client wants to listen to a call, we must edit out not only the respondent’s personal details but also any other reference that could identify them or their organisation. Not many voice recording services offer the additional option of an editing facility, but GemaTech’s product was ideal for this and offered us the ability to edit individual calls at the flick of a switch.”

Commenting on the relationship with GemaTech, Long concludes: “We have a good working relationship with GemaTech, and have received very good support from their technical support team. There have been situations where we have needed GemaTech’s expertise to resolve a problem and they have been very responsive in doing this.”

Kudos Research is a market research agency, specialising in data collection and analysis on behalf of many blue chip clients including , Xerox, Hewlett Packard and ABN AMRO.