• GemaTech Vision

GemaTech Vision:

GemaTech’s Corporate Vision is based upon the belief that “Work is a thing you do...not necessarily a place to go…"

In the 21st Century why continue to drag your employees – a company’s most valuable asset - to a centralized place of work when, with technology available today, you can so easily take the work to the workforce…no matter where they are located…on a global basis. Why not think in terms of access to a “global workforce”…with everybody seamlessly linked together with voice and data communications… and managed remotely as though they were in one central place of work.

Adoption of GemaTech’s technology provides the ability for any individual member of staff to receive incoming telephone calls, originally directed to them at their main place of work – the centralised conventional office – literally anywhere in the world with the same level functionality as they would have enjoyed in their office including full voice recording of all inbound and outbound calls made from that remote location. Whilst management has the ability to monitor and manage, all calls to and from that employee if required using GemaTech’s comprehensive remote management platform.