Contact Centres:

GemaTech provide innovative solutions for achieving cost effective contact centre complianceā€¦

Secure Voice Recording:

Whether fully hosted or installed onsite our secure voice recording solution meets all your compliance needsā€¦

Business Continuity:

GemaTech develop and provide business continuity solutions which enable employees to work flexible in times of business disruption.

GemaTech Solutions:

GemaTech are specialists in providing fully managed solutions which enable organisations to meet their telecoms business continuity and compliance requirements.

In addition GemaTech provides your employees with the ability to work remotely at any given time, whether that is on a regular, temporary or disaster recovery basis.

Contact Centre Solutions:
GemaTech have developed two different solutions for call centres, your virtual contact centre allows operators to work remotely from any location and our flexible call re-routing allows your company the freedom the re-direct calls externally to any location.

Secure Voice Recording Solutions:
GemaTech's hosted voice recording solution can be situated in any telecoms exchange, alternatively the on-site voice recording solution can be installed at your office to record calls. GemaTech also provide mobile voice recording for BlackBerry smartphones along with smartphone voice recording for any web enable phone or device.

Business Continuity Solutions:

GemaTech's business continuity solutions have been designed for your organisations need for compliance. DDI call recovery ensures you never miss a call by re-routing communications. Retrieving calls has never been easier with our emergency telecoms recovery solution and with the use of rapid notification you can keep everyone upto date using simultaneous messaging channels.

As a UK based research and development company, GemaTech design solutions which meet the changing needs of our customers, with speed to market, flexibility and affordability as our key objectives.