• Road Map

GemaTech's Road Map:

A proven track record in designing, developing, distributing and selling innovative leading edge products and solutions for the telecommunications technology market.

GemaTech’s core technology and development philosophy, incorporated into GemaTech’s proprietary hardware platform, the GTE (GemaTech Technology Engine) is truly unique. It is a totally integrated solution comprising bespoke hardware assemblies (PCBs utilizing industry standard components) and open architecture proprietary software.

The GemaTech Group own 100% of the intellectual property rights (IPR) to all technology used in the family of products developed to date, including all hardware/software designs and copyrights. Consequently, gematech does not have to pay royalties/license fees and does not need to refer back to hardware/software suppliers (so often based in an inconvenient time zone) for answers to support questions.

Ownership of the core technology enables GemaTech to quickly and efficiently create new products for proven markets with a fundamentally different approach to that adopted by other vendors. As a totally digital system the GTE based products can handle signals of all types i.e. voice, fax, video, data, email and Voice over Internet protocol (VoIP).

GemaTech’s technology enables thousands of calls to be handled simultaneously at a significantly lower cost compared to competing vendor’s solutions. GemaTech’s hardware is based upon well established and reliable digital signal processing (DSP) technology and chip-sets. The accompanying software adds to the uniqueness of the product range.

A Modular Approach: The fundamental concept behind the development of GemaTech’s product range is that all of the products and/or applications are derived from the very many individual technology modules or “building blocks” that have been developed to date – and continue to be developed as part of gematech’s ongoing R&D programme.

In essence, GemaTech’s core technology, comprising our own hardware platform, operating system software and application software can be described as constituting a very powerful and flexible platform which enables any company to enhance their business operations and profitability using the specific features which are most applicable to them.