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Enhanced telecoms recovery solution from GemaTech enables Secure Voice Recording of all calls to and from employees working remotely.

GemaTech announces the addition of outbound secure voice recording to its market-leading combined BCMLITE & SVRLITE product.

GemaTech has announced the launch of a new telephony recovery solution specifically designed for the financial services industry. Developed in conjunction with several leading international financial institutions, the Channel Switching Manager (CSM) is the first telephony solution capable of meeting the demands of the dealer and trading rooms, which rely on channel-associated signalling (CAS) circuits and leased lines on a daily basis, and also require all incoming and outgoing calls to be recorded. A key feature of GemaTech’s CSM software is that it uniquely re-routes any number of individual CAS circuits to any number of alternative destinations whilst maintaining the direct, open circuits between dealers and traders.

Amid the increasing risk of terrorist threat, natural disasters and pandemics, as well as the increasing number of disruptions caused by adverse weather conditions, the need to adopt a comprehensive telecoms business continuity programme has never been more evident. However, for financial services companies, and particularly dealer rooms, where a delay in connection can cost an organisation millions of pounds, continuity technology has so far failed to deliver a comprehensive solution that will enable them to continue to trade, seamlessly, from any number of alternative locations.

Graham Chick, Chief Executive, GemaTech, explains, “As the FSA’s pandemic simulation exercise highlighted, whilst financial organisations have endeavoured to address most of their mission critical operations in their continuity programmes, as the centre of the UK’s economy, their failure to function in the event of adverse weather, a pandemic, or a terrorist attack would have a catastrophic effect on the economy of the country. However, those companies that have considered business continuity for their mission critical dealer boards have often selected solutions that are solely based on a fixed line Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN) alternative that cannot provide the flexibility nor the speed required to recover a CAS circuit, which is the lifeblood of many financial services providers.”

In a similar manner as GemaTech’s BCMLITE, the Channel Switching Manager initiates an initial PSTN call between the two parties, which is seamless to the third party dealer initiating the trade, and then maintains that connection as a ‘nailed up’ open circuit for all subsequent calls. As Chick highlights, “through creating an open circuit, the CSM solution provides a seamless transition in times of crisis, eliminating the initial connection delay on incoming calls – and the need for third party traders to have to dial in to that trader over the PSTN - and subsequently ensuring that all incoming or outgoing calls occur in the expected timeframes of the dealer rooms - instantaneously.”

Through GemaTech’s CSM solution, financial organisations can instantaneously re-route individual 64kbps channels to any number of alternative locations, or aggregate the channels to ensure recovery of multiple types of data, such as voice, data, fax, video or encrypted traffic.

Chick concludes, “For City traders and dealers, time really is money, and as the number of potential business disruption instigators continues to increase, financial services providers cannot afford to ignore the risks. Solutions such as CSM provide financial organisations with the flexibility and speed that are key to their success, and as such present an opportunity they cannot afford to miss”