Business Continuity in a Swine Flu Pandemic:

Insuring your business functions in the event of extended disruption.

Business Continuity:
Business Continuity Planning is fundamental to the continued operation of any company or organisation that may need to recover and restore partially or completely interrupted functions with a predetermined time frame after a disaster, or through extended disruption to normal business activities.

Disruption to Normal Business:
The current Global Flu Pandemic has the greatest potential to disrupt any organisation, the government recommend the adoption of a robust and flexible generic business continuity plan which will help ensure that the impact of this disruption will be minimised.

Business as Usual:
Enabling employees to work from home or other isolated location during a flu pandemic will be the key to providing business as usual for your customers and suppliers. Secure data access to your corporate networks and email is essential, as is ensuring that when your customers call your published phone numbers, they still receive the same service as if they are calling your office. Teleconferencing and web meeting software are also useful tools to facilitate meetings between disparate team members.

Whenever a supplier or customer telephones your organisation they expect a consistent experience. As your incoming calls are normally answered in the office you will need a means by which those calls can be re-routed with an option for secure voice recording, to your employees, many of whom will be at home or other property. The most robust and seamless method of doing this is to re-route these incoming calls directly to employee mobile phones, home phones or other location.

You should also consider how you are going to let your employees know that they should work from home because an outbreak of the swine flu virus has occurred at the office. Deploying a rapid notification service within your organisation not only gives you a method to disseminate information to your employees on a daily basis, but is also crucial in accommodating a one-off communication to reach people via email, SMS, voice message or fax at the same time to tell them to work from home.

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