• Channel Switch Manager

CSM – Channel Switching Manager for Recovering Individual CAS circuits and Leased Lines.

GemaTech’s CSM product has been specifically designed to provide a unique solution for the recovery, by re-routing, of any number of individual CAS circuits, used in Dealer / Trading room environments as well as some Leased Lines, to provide direct, open circuits between Dealers / Traders.

Whereas the perceived need for a product that was capable of individual CAS circuit recovery was considered to be no more than a “nice to have” feature by the major Trading Organisations throughout 2005, the perceived increase of Risk following 7/7 and more recently the increasing terrorist threats as well as a possible ‘flu pandemic has transformed a “nice to have” into a “must have” for many of these Trading financial institutions.

Consequently, GemaTech, in conjunction with two leading international banks is in the process of developing a truly unique solution for the recovery of individual CAS circuits which will have the same level of flexibility and control as GemaTech’s BCMLITE products, which provide for the recovery of inbound calls to individual DDI numbers delivered via PSTN circuits. Primarily located within the sanctity and security of a carrier’s exchange or co-location site, the CSM unit will be capable of redirecting what are normally permanently “nailed-up” connected 64 kbps channels seamlessly to multiple distributed destinations, transparently via the Public Service Telephony Network (PSTN).

An equally important use of such a service will be the immediate notification of a company’s customers or suppliers of the need to recall a product due to an inherent fault or the notification of an impending storm, flood or other natural disaster in a quick and efficient manner. In addition, 64 kbps channels can be aggregated to create additional bandwidth as required. Each channel can recover multiple types of data, such as voice, data, fax, video or encrypted traffic. GemaTech’s RCO service will enable messages to be conveyed via a choice of multiple media whilst maintaining monitoring and feedback to key personnel. The service will also provide for recipients to acknowledge receipt of the message and the option of providing feedback of vital information. The RCO service has been designed to be able to generate in excess of a million contact attempts each minute using a variety of methods, these include; Voice telephone call; Fax; Pager; SMS; MMS; Secure Email; Secure Web notice board; Instant Messenger; PC POP-UP alerts; Voicemail; Radio broadcast push-to-talk technology; Local Emergency Information Radio Service LEIRS; Satellite Phone / Fax

During an invocation, GemaTech’s CSM unit will initiate an initial PSTN call between the two parties and retain the open circuit as a ‘nailed up’ open circuit for all subsequent “calls”, providing a continuous open channel thereby eliminating initial connection delays for subsequent calls normally incurred when using the PSTN and thus ideal for use in Dealing Rooms.

The CSM unit will also be capable of monitoring PRI’s within the network for failure and have the ability to instantaneously re-route the individual 64 kbps channels to the original or alternative destinations often without users noticing.

Comprehensive management and control features will provide feedback to managers as to the status of any failure.

To find out more about this powerful new product in advance of its official launch on 28th March 2007 please email us at webenq@gematech.com with Channel Switching Manager Module in the subject line together with a brief summary of your specific application.