• Business Continuity Solutions
DDI Call Recovery.

Never miss a call from your customers with our specialist call re-routing solutions. Unlimited number of call plans which can be added or changed from any location ‘on the fly’

Benefits include:
  • Individual number (DDI) re-routing
  • Instantaneous and seamless re-routing of calls
  • Unlimited number of call plans (Flexibility)

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Secure Voice Recording.

GemaTech’s exchange based voice recording solution is designed to enable organisations to voice record all incoming and outgoing calls.

Benefits include:
  • Secure, exchange based recording
  • Cloud-based storage & retrieval
  • Dual channel recording and playback

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Emergency Telecoms Recovery.

Never think that a disruption to telecoms will happen to you? Subscribe to our emergency telecoms recovery service and in the event that something happens we’ll re-route and if desired, voice record your calls.

Benefits include:
  • Subscription based service
  • Pay as you use
  • Telecoms continuity insurance

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Rapid Notification.

Warn and inform any number of individuals using multiple, simultaneous messaging channels. Emergency management, customer loyalty campaigns, call to action reminders etc.

Benefits include:
  • Send tailored messages
  • Multiple communication methods
  • SMS, voice recording and instant messaging

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STX Line Recovery.

Never lose your business critical voice services with our specialist STX call recovery services. Ensure that your STX lines remain up and running through a telecoms outage or you employees are relocated to a hot site.

Benefits include:
  • Ensure uptime through a telecoms outage
  • Complete replication of service to a hot site
  • Push ‘alarm’ to notify recipient of your call

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Business Continuity Solutions:

Mobile Voice Recording gives you the ability to record and playback conversations you have held on your smartphone device or BlackBerry® smartphones.

Deploying a fully hosted mobile voice recording solution gives you the security and resilience of knowing that you can retrieve your recordings from any global location.

Key Benefits:
  • Being able to retrieve valuable information that you may have forgotten which was discussed during the call.
  • Being compliant with present and future financial compliance regulations.
  • Resolving misunderstandings or disputes quickly by retrieving what was actually said during a conversation.