• Business Continuity Manager

Business Continuity Manager BCM.

Telecoms Recovery for Call Centres Using Non-Geographic Numbers. GemaTech’s BCM is a powerful and sophisticated server based remote ACD (Automatic Call Distribution) system which can intelligently re-route any number of individual call centre service numbers to any number of call centre Agents who have re-located to any number of alternative locations using comprehensive full skills based routing.

Specifically designed to provide a comprehensive telecoms business continuity solution for all incoming calls to a call centre, GemaTech’s BCM enables the call routing functionality deployed within a conventional call centre to be replicated, as far as possible by re-routing inbound calls to Agents who have relocated to any number of alternative locations but continuing to receive calls to ALL of the various call centre services that they were receiving prior to the “disaster”

Located in the sanctity and security of any Carrier’s exchange, GemaTech’s BCM capitalises on the flexible re-routing capability of non-geographic numbers to enable ALL of a call centre’s non-geographic service numbers (0800; 0845; 0870) to be re-routed to any number of alternative locations. It also provides any number of supervisors/managers with the capability of being able to monitor and manage live, what is happening to your incoming calls as the invocation/incident unfolds and, if necessary, make changes to the call plan quickly and easily as circumstances dictate. This very powerful management platform also enables managers to listen in to those incoming calls and possibly make changes to the call plan as a result.

Features include the ability to immediately transfer:

  • Any number of specific call centre service numbers to any number of alternative locations on an intelligent “follow me” basis using the BCM’s fully fledged ACD functionality including comprehensive skills based routing.
  • Any number of individual non-geographic call centre service numbers to any number of individual locations providing Agent independent working.
  • Live monitoring of call activity and the ability to make changes “on the fly” as circumstances dictate.
  • Detailed call statistics available both during and after the invocation – an invaluable tool for improving your plan for the next time!
  • Any number of alternative call plans can be stored and selected by simply “dragging and dropping” with changes being made to individual people plans.
  • Activate the system from anywhere in the world via a data connection providing the ability for any person to logon/log off remotely.

GemaTech’s BCM comprises the total solution incorporating both hardware and proprietary software developed by GemaTech’s in-house design engineers from first principles. Whereas the core technology of most other manufacturers of Automatic Call Distribution (ACD) products comprises a sophisticated and powerful (and thus expensive) PBX unto which a number of additional functions have been added, including ACD, a Management Information System (MIS) and call recording modules GemaTech’s BCM incorporates only those features and functions required to provide comprehensive (ACD) functionality thereby enabling gematech to provide a much more cost effective and easy to use product which is capable of providing all of the functionality actually required by end-user customers – but at a fraction of the price of conventional ACD systems.

Furthermore, and as illustrated in the accompanying configuration diagrams, the design concept of locating GemaTech’s BCM in any selected carrier exchange enables multiple call centres in the same ownership to be recovered by a single BCM unit – given the assumption that all respective call centres are at least one mile from any adjacent call centre. Accordingly, if a call centre operator has, say, three call centres with up to 100 Agents in each, then all that is required to provide a comprehensive telecoms business continuity solution for all three call centres would be a single BCM unit located in a selected carrier’s exchange sufficiently distant from all three call centres with the capacity to recover the largest call centre – in this example 100 Agents.

GemaTech’s technology is fully scaleable with additional capacity provided by simply “bolting together” additional hardware and software modules so that there is never a case when one unit is “full up” and needs to be replaced, thereby incurring significant additional cost, by having to purchase a whole new system capable of handling much greater capacity.

Unlike many other ACD manufacturers, GemaTech do not sell their products and solutions based upon the number of Agent seats being provided considering this approach to be unfair to the end-user. GemaTech’s pricing model is based upon the number of concurrent in-bound calls that the BCM is required to re-route at any one time. Consequently if there are, say, 25 Agents working in a call centre but only 15 are on the phone answering inbound calls at any one time with the other 10 Agents busy implementing the previous caller’s requirements then only a 15 concurrent call system is required. gematech’s BCM is fully scaleable from being able to recover from 5 concurrent inbound calls up to 30,000 concurrent inbound calls.