• Business Continuity Mananger + Secure Voice Recording

Business Continuity Manager BCM & Secure Voice Recording SVR.

Telecoms Recovery for Call Centres Using Non-Geographic Numbers Incorporating Network Based Voice Recording. The addition of GemaTech’s secure voice recording module SVR enables all incoming and re-routed outbound calls to be voice recorded during the operational loss of the failed call centre including GemaTech’s unique Mouse over Monitoring management software enabling supervisors to quickly and easily listen in to Agents calls.

In addition to all of the features and benefits provided by GemaTech’s BCM to recover by re-routing all of the inbound calls into a call centre - which the BCM unit is being deployed to recover – the addition of GemaTech’s optional SVR module provides the ability to remotely monitor, and voice record, all of the inbound calls which have been re-routed to call centre Agents who have re-located at any number of alternative locations to handle re-routed incoming calls to any number of call centre service numbers.

GemaTech’s remote monitoring facility known as “Mouse over Monitoring” is a truly unique feature which enables any number of remote supervisors or call centre managers with the necessary access permissions to literally break in to individual Agent’s conversations simply by sliding the mouse over the Agent’s name within a call centre Service indicated on the BCM’s live call monitoring screen on the monitoring PC – and then simply continuing to slide the mouse over other Agents names to break into their conversations providing the ultimate in call monitoring.

Recorded calls are saved onto hard disc storage located either within the combined BCM & SVR server or streamed to any number of remote storage servers forming part of the end-user customer’s Storage Area Network (SAN)

GemaTech’s SVR module incorporates a number of sophisticated features including:

Dual Channel Recording – The SVR records all telephone interactions in high quality “stereo”. This feature assists management by reducing listener stress and enables easier performance monitoring as the origin of specific comments can be identified.

Statistical reporting – Full statistics are available using the integrated database, the JAVA applet and via Microsoft’s performance monitor. These statistics include trunk utilisation, calls per hour, storage capacity and fault reporting. The following additional information is also stored with every recording:

  • Time & date
  • Time zone (in a distributed system)
  • Number prefix (such as the access code used)
  • Originating or destination phone number
  • Call direction
  • Channel number
  • Port number
  • Call duration

Control and configuration – All controls are fully integrated within Microsoft’s management consol, providing both centralized and unified management of not only the recording settings, but local and remote computers, network attached storage devices, even entire network configurations.

JAVA Applet Playback Client – the easy to use playback utility comes with 10 client playback licenses as standard allowing up to three concurrent users, dependant upon call recording activity. Additional licences are available Free of Charge but may result in a higher specification storage server

HTML Playback Client – In addition to the sophisticated JAVA playback facility, an extremely simple to use HTML format is also supplied which enables every person to quickly and easily recover and play back their own recordings.

GemaTech’s SVR module is fully scaleable and links in with the incremental capacity of the BCM unit starting with the recording of 15 concurrent calls increasing in multiples of 15 concurrent calls to over 30,000 concurrent calls if required.