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Blue Group International protects against loss of inbound telephone calls with GemaTech.

International recruitment consultancy, Blue Group International, has ordered BCMLITE, a resilient business continuity solution from telephony solutions provider gematech, in a three-year deal. The solution, which is provided by GemaTech as a fully managed service, will allow Blue Group to protect itself against the loss of service of all inbound telephone calls in the event of a telecoms system failure.

Blue Group decided to review the protection of its inbound calls after suffering a recent and unprecedented outage caused by a power failure between the exchange and its offices in Southwark Street. The new BCMLITE unit will benefit Blue Group by providing an always-available solution for inbound calls from new or existing clients and candidates.

Karl Perkins, IT Manager at Blue Group comments, “Until the power failure we had always assumed that there was adequate provision for call redirection if an adverse situation occurred. In truth, the ability to divert a whole range of DDIs usually takes between 2-3 days and would incur an additional cost to the business. We therefore decided to look at new ways to protect our inbound calls to prevent lengthy service delays and decided on the BCMLITE solution from GemaTech.”

BCMLITE provides a seamless re-routing of all incoming calls received via a telecommunications system on an individual DDI basis to any alternative location specified, allowing organisations to operate ‘business as usual’, in the event of telecoms infrastructure failure for any reason.

Perkins continues, “The situation we experienced was certainly detrimental; construction workers had managed to cut through power cables which fed our ISDN30 telecoms circuits during modernisation work in a building. Unfortunately, once the root cause of the problem was identified by our Carrier, it was not possible to gain access to the building site - leaving our company without access to a working telephone for 2 days.”

Commenting on the decision to choose the BCMLITE solution Perkins states, “After considering several options, we came to the conclusion that the GemaTech solution offered superior resilience - with the ability to instantaneously re-route incoming calls to our Agents over our, normally, outbound circuits - or to anywhere else for that matter.”

Perkins concludes, “Whilst only 1/6 of all our calls are inbound, these are generally of tremendous value to the business; these are usually clients or new prospects expecting us to be constantly available and responsive. The GemaTech solution will allow us never to miss a call, what ever and how ever drastic the situation, and give Blue Group significant competitive advantage within the industry.”