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GemaTech attend successful US event on counter terrorism

Friday, May 6th, 2011

Organised by the Terrorist Information New York Group (TINYg), GemaTech exhibited at  an event last month focused upon preparing organisations for the risks posed by terrorist attacks.

The event held in New York at the offices of Mizhuo Bank and hosted an audience of law enforcement personnel, government employees and other security and counter terrorism professionals. Speakers at this event included Mike O’Neill, COO of MSA Security and the former commander of Counter Terrorism in the New York Police Department who developed the Police response to all Counter Terror operations in New York City post 9/11 and until his retirement.

Vice President of TINYg Andy Williams spoke about the impact of domestic extremism on organisations and individuals in terms of morale, cost and reputation.

All delegates were keen to hear the latest information regarding current threats posed by terrorists as well as exploring the technical solutions available to them for ensuring both business continuity and disaster recovery, in the event of such an attack occuring.

GemaTech’s DID Recovery and Mass Notification solutions were of particular relevance and interest. It seems that American organisations are open to the increased options available to them for ensuring telecoms business continuity and cost effective mass employee notification via sms and email.