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Emergency People Management Requires Effective Communication Tools

Friday, September 23rd, 2011

Acting quickly to secure the safety of people in any emergency is a priority and therefore using effective communication tools is essential.

Unfortunately the news is often filled with stories of lone gunmen on school or college campuses threatening to shoot students or as in the recent case in Norway, actually undertaking a hofrrific attack.

But for every exceptional case there are plenty of situations which go under the radar of the headlines, so these types of occurances are more common than you might expect. Having plans in place as well as effective communication tools is essential. Rapid notification solutions are perhaps the best known way of reaching lots of people fast. Using a software application to send out emails, text messages and to post messages on web status pages is a fast way of getting information to the people you need to protect e.g. students and staff. For an example of how this is used in action can I refer you to a website by the University of Texas following an incident last year. It shows how they used email, texts, website status pages and even social media to keep communicating with students.

Under stress it must be said that solutions which are easily accessible, yet secure, and more importantly easy to use are perhaps the most effective when it comes to being able to communicate fast and effectively. Finally, knowing that the messages have a guaranteed delivery mechanism is also of importance, after all you need to know that those text messages are going to get through and take network priority.