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Speech Analytics: 5 Key Problems Solved

Friday, October 14th, 2011

While many speech analytics vendors are moving into ‘interaction analytics’ to incorporate analysis of data from emails, SMS texts, CRM systems and online social media, one company have remained focused on getting the speech analytics part right by fixing all the problems that the first generation speech analytics have left in their wake.

GemaTech have harnessed this speech analytics ‘gold’ and have developed a solution that solves the 5 key problems


Problem 1:   My Voice Recording supplier won’t give me access to my voice recording files making speech analytics too difficult

Solution: GemaTech’s Call Analyzer is a completely stand alone solution which doesn’t require any integration with any existing call recording equipment. Simples.


Problem 2:  I need to employ expensive specialist speech analysts to configure the analytics system

Solution: Most speech analytics solutions require some amount of ‘training’ to be fully configured and therefore require the services of a professional speech analyst, but GemaTech’s Call Analyzer has done the hard work already. Just type in the key words and phrases you want the system to search for and a handy tool will create the breakdown of individual phonemes, as well as telling you if the phrase is maximised for search accuracy. So anyone can configure the system with half a day’s training.


Problem 3:  It’s taking months to get the speech analytics system working!

Solution: Firstly Call Analyzer is a ‘plug and play’ solution with no integration to voice recording equipment required. Secondly anyone can be trained on configuring the solution in around half a day. Thirdly no on-going professional services are required, meaning that benefits can be realised within the first few days of installation.


Problem 4:  The speech analytics system is generating so much data that it can’t easily be turned into actionable benefits

Solution: For those companies who have successfully installed a speech analytics solution, I have been told that often so much data is produced by the system that turning the data into real tangible benefits which can improve agent performace on the phone, is slow, if done at all! Call Analyzer however cuts out this process. By anlaysing calls as they happen and prompting agents as a result of what is being said to the customer at-that-precise-moment, there is no need for back-end processing. The benefits and training go directly to the individual agent as each call is happening.


Problem 5: The costs of this speech analytics solution just keep going up and up!

Solution: Upgrades, professional services, system training….suddenly the price you originally agreed on for your speech analytics solution is going up and up and you are powerless to say no. Not so with Call Analyzer….there are no hidden costs. What you see is what you get and upgrades are included in the price.

So, take another look at speech analytics and tell me if any of these problems ring true with you. Are there any others I’ve missed? What are your experiences? Do you think such a system is too good to be true? Call me…challenge me…