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Live Speech Analytics: Use for Compliance, Training and Quality Monitoring

Monday, September 12th, 2011

Live is the latest buzz word in speech analytics because of it’s value in helping organisations sift through the information gathered in their call centres. But customer feedback is only one application of live speech analysis. Knowing in real-time what is being said by agents and customers on every call can be used to ensure compliance with industry regulations such as FSA (Financial services authority), automate time consuming agent training and introduce live quality monitoring of all agents on all calls.

This revolution in technology is the amalgamation of the latest speech-to-text, phonetics and key phrase recognition innovations. Unlike first generation solutions, next generation speech analytics solutions do not require on-going expensive professional services and ‘training’ because it has now become intrinsic to the software.

What this means is that an agent can be handling a live call, and a discreet desktop client can indicate when the agent has spoken key phrases (or even bad phrases) during the course of the conversation. The system therefore monitors agent performance, adherence to compliance phrases and send statistics back to the call centre manager or team leader on how the agent is performing on a call by call basis.

So the live speech analytics market is gathering momentum and the choice is expanding depending upon an organisation’s objectives, be they understanding customers or monitoring agents, there is a solution for everyone.