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What does ‘Live’ Speech Analytics actually mean?

Monday, September 26th, 2011

Speech analytics has been around for about a decade. The first generation speech analytics solutions promised a lot but proved to be prohibitively expensive, requiring on-going professional services to configure the search engines.

However a new wave of live speech analytics has arrived in the last couple of years. Nexidia, a company solely focused on data mining large amounts of voice recordings has emerged as a leader in the field of trend analysis. Established voice recording vendors such as Nice and Verint have also developed their own data mining analytics primarily as value added services for their customers. But if customers hadn’t caught up with the first tranche of speech analytics technology they are out of luck as the next wave of analytics has been expanded to now include ‘live’ and data analytics, delivering what is now known as ‘contact centre analytics’ (to include data mining of social media outputs, email and text messages) just to muddy the waters, making it difficult to discern what ‘real-time’ and ‘live’ speech analytics actually means.

For some vendors, real-time means that the results of data mining large amounts of voice recordings occurs so fast as to be seen as ‘real-time’. Others can process data very quickly once a call has been recorded. But as far as I can tell, no other company can do on-the-call speech analysis as GemaTech can. This being the primary reason why GemaTech have developed Call Analyzer – offering to market a completely stand-alone real-time speech analytics solution which doesn’t require integration with an existing voice recording vendors equipment. It doesn’t do data, it only does voice. But after all, isn’t that the point? You cannot fully control your call centre agents and what they say on every call, but if you could influence, correct and guide them automatically on every call for the very best chance of the very best outcome – isn’t that the holy grail of speech analytics? Isn’t that what it primarily set out to achieve? And therefore isn’t that the benefit of live speech analytics?

For further information on live speech analytics I would strongly recommend reading the FREE Contact Babel, Inner Circle Guide to Speech Analytics and if you are serious about speech analytics, watch this space for the up coming report from DMG Consulting.