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Hurricane, Earthquake and Verizon Telecoms Strike Could Have Created Telecoms Chaos for US Business, Reveal GemaTech Telecoms Recovery Experts

Thursday, September 1st, 2011

US Businesses have been lucky to survive three major disruptions in the past month. But just think what would have happened to a business’ telecoms infrastructure, and therefore their business if Hurricane Irene, the recent East Coast earthquake and the 2 week strike by Verizon workers had conspired to act with even more force at exactly the same time and place?

The East Coast of the US has been extremely lucky. The earthquake which hit Washington on the 23rd August reached 5.8 on the Richter scale and was felt from North Carolina to New England. Luckily the impact caused minimal damage, but a more powerful quake could have broken both telecoms and power cables and dislodged essential telecoms circuits, according to telecoms business continuity experts at GemaTech. If Hurricane Irene had hit the East Coast with more power, severe flooding would have compounded the problem, making it impossible to reconnect circuits quickly. Thirdly factor-in a Verizon workforce strike (which did in fact occur on the 7th August and lasted for some two weeks) and there would have been no-one available to get any broken telecoms circuits back up and running anyway. The perfect storm of these three events coinciding could have been a major disaster for any organisation which has inadequate, or indeed no, telecoms resilience plan. And there are no guarantees such a scenario could not still happen at some point in the future. Eventually luck will run out…

Just think what the impact would be on a business if their telecoms circuits failed, if employees were denied access to their offices or if the transport system was out of action. How long would it take the city and telecoms carriers to repair and restore normal service? If buildings were severely damaged or waterlogged it would take major resources to rebuild infrastructure, and if lots of customers are in the same situation a carrier is going to be inundated with work – all at top priority.

Specialist telecoms technology company GemaTech (carrier compatible providers of telecoms business continuity services) understands that telecommunications is the engine of any organisation. It connects a business with its customers and suppliers, and enables all communication via voice and data. When that infrastructure is disrupted, the ability to continue operating as a business is compromised and money is lost fast. After all how many US businesses can continue operating effectively when they have no ability to communicate with their customers?

But protecting your business telecoms doesn’t have to be expensive. For just the price of a cup of coffee a day, an individual number can be re-routed safely and securely from one office location to another, a cell phone or a home phone, enabling an employee to continue receiving those mission critical inbound calls by working from somewhere else. GemaTech have been delivering proven business telecoms resilience, which can be activated within a few minutes following a disruption, to blue chip organisations in the US and UK for many years, and is relied upon in times of telecoms failure by organisations in various industry sectors where telecoms is mission critical including hospitals and investment banks.

One day luck will run out, and those businesses left unprepared risk losing everything. But, for those who have prepared for the worst (for the sacrifice of a few cups of coffee!) the COO can sleep safe in the knowledge that it can be business as usual even if earthquake, hurricane and telecoms strikes create the ‘perfect storm’.

For further information on GemaTech’s product portfolio contact Karen Jones, Marketing Manager