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Home Working: Beat Petrol Price Rises & Be More Efficient

Friday, March 18th, 2011

Working from home never looked more appealing. When it costs over £70 to fill up an average family car, who wouldn’t want to cut out the daily commute to work to be more cost efficient?

Speaking at the Public Sector Efficiency Expo on Wednesday, Socitm President, Jos Creese highlighted the gulf between the public and private sectors attitude towards home working when he said that although remote working practices were ‘standard’ in the private sector, councils and the public sector were ‘not doing enough of this’. He said: ‘There is always the chance for employees to work at home. Security concerns have stopped this, but there needs to be a way around it.’

Well to answer his question, there are many ways around these security concerns and the availability of enabling IT and Telecoms technology is growing exponentially, because remote working is a no-brainer way of reducing ongoing operational costs. (more…)