Contact centres: Speech Analytics finds the problems. Call Analyzer solves them.

99% of speech analytics solutions work in the same way. By processing hours of ‘post-call’ voice recordings from a period of time within the contact centre, each system in their own way will deliver reports on different types of searches: from identifying instances of key words or phrases to more sophisticated ‘trend’ and ‘root cause’ analysis. The latest innovation is completely different. GemaTech are the only vendors to analyse, train and monitor all agents simultaneously and automatically on every live call to drive down quality monitoring costs.

The problem with current speech analysis is that the organisation has to turn the analysis output into meaningful and targeted training in order to have an impact and improvement on front line service provided by the agents. But it doesn’t stop there…in order to find out if the training has been effective you still have to monitor and measure every agent to discover whether the training, and therefore analysis, has had any kind of positive impact on improving customer service and increasing first call resolution. Often the amount of analysis data that is produced can be massive, requiring time and effort to be translated and more often than not this can end up falling into the preverbial black hole!

Not any more. GemaTech have chosen a different path. Whilst other speech analytics vendors have decided to diversify into analysis data held in CRM solutions, social media and email, GemaTech have decided to tackle the voice issue head on. By providing a solution which doesn’t analyse voice recordings, but analyses conversations as  they happen, the focus is placed on helping the agent during the call and effectively cutting out the back end processing requirement. Therefore analysis, training and measurement takes place simultaneously and automatically – requiring no manual intervention from analysts, team leaders or training staff. As a bonus all calls are analysed, all of the time, not just a sample of calls.

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