Social Media Measurement Now Includes Speech Analytics

Social Media offers a wealth of market research which businesses ignore at their peril. Straight from your customers via Twitter, Facebook and other social media sites comes the truth about your products, service, reputation and competitors. Not their thoughts from last week or yesterday but their thoughts from minutes or even seconds ago. And data analytics tools are quick to monitor, capture and analyse such interactions. Speech analytics has lagged behind such data tools…until now.

The latest live speech analytics technology can capture information as it is being spoken. Unlike ‘bulk’ analytics, GemaTech’s Live Call Analyzer is an always on, always working solution, delivering analysis on every conversation being held in real-time on every call handled by your call centre agents. What this means is that you can capture live market research and act upon it fast, before your competitors. You can even use this information to change call agent’s scripts on the fly. For example if your competitor has published an offer or advertising campaign and customers are referring to it frequently on the phone to your call centre agents, you can tailor a response in lightning speed informing customers why your product or offer is still better than your competitor’s.

During the course of every phone call, a desktop pop-up screen delivers prompts to the call agent letting them know that they have omitted certain phrases in their conversation with the customer. These phrases can be anything from stating contractual terms e.g. ‘this is a 5 year contract, are you happy to go ahead?’ in conjunction with an answer e.g. ‘yes’, to prompting them to give a positive response when the customer says the name of a competitor.

Social media has opened the flood gates for your customers to be brutally truthful about your company and products. But brutal honesty has always been prevalent in the conversations held between customers and call agents, it has just never been effectively harnessed. Now you can have real-time access to live market research in both data and voice formats and then it’s up to you how you can use it to your company’s advantage.

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