Olympics 2012: security tests planned

At least 10 exercises will take place to test the security surrounding the 2012 Olympics, the BBC revealed today. Police forces and emergency services will re-create situations in order to test their responses and to examine how they will communicate with the public.  A budget of £600m has been allocated for the exercises, which will prepare for (hopefully) any incident which may present itself during the games.

When it comes to technology there are plenty of systems that could potentially go wrong, however I wonder if businesses in the vicinty of the Olympic sites are going to be as equally prepared? Power cuts, telecoms failure and exclusion zones which may prevent employees from being able to get into their offices could all bring massive disruption to their daily operations.

Business continuity plans are not a nice to have, but a necessity in today’s competitive age, and should cover all eventualitites including one-off events like the Olympics, and newer natural disruptions such as Icelandic volcanic ash. Potential disruptions are constantly changing and evolving with the change in our climate and in the way we do business.

Flexible working practices are increasing but still not as fast as you would expect. The cultural problem of presenteesim is a hard barrier to break down, but as technology continues to improve we can but hope that organisations will see that the benefits will far outweigh any fear of losing managerial control, both in everyday operations and more importantly in times of business disruption.


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