Earthquakes, Floods, Tsunamis, Nuclear Explosions: Is Your Business Continuity Plan Sufficient?

The Japanese earthquake and tsunami has shocked the world. Subsequent explosions at the country’s nuclear power plants no doubt have scared us all. I am sure it hasn’t escaped your attention that more and more natural disasters are hitting our headlines and while it is devastating for those involved, you have to ask what we, as yet unaffected countries, should be doing in response, aside from firstly offering aid, rescue and resources for re-building lives and infrastructure.

In terms of business we need to be stepping up our disaster recovery and business continuity plans to be able to cope with all manner of disruptive situations. Not just for the possibility that we may be at the centre of such a devastating occurance, but also for when we may be also affected on the periphery. Indeed the west coast of America was bracing itself for the fall out of last week’s earthquake and tsunami as the ripples were felt along the coast. Luckily the anticipated flooding did not occur, but I am sure that many west coast corporations were dusting off their business continuity plans just in case.

For those organisations taking another look at their DR plans, it would be prudent not to skim over the all important telecoms continuity plans. Had buidlings needed to be evacuated, how many employees would have been able to continue working from home or other safe location, including being able to have their incoming calls re-directed?

When employees are safe, the next big role for an organisation found in disruptive circumstances is to keep on working. As the clean up operation begins across Japan, many organisations will be keen to get back to normal as soon as they can to protect their business and their country’s economy in order to fund the rebuilding of both lives, towns and infrastructure. They must support the survivors who have no choice but to rebuild their homes, restart their lives and return to work.

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