Rising Travel Costs: Exploit Cloud-based Technology to Facilitate Cost-Effective Flexible Working

The cost of travel to and for work is rising fast. Organisations should consider using new cloud-based technology as a cost effective means to enable staff to work more flexibly.

Travel Costs, how much more can the employee pay?
Employees who commute for work may soon be spending between 10 and 20% of their salary just to get to work, travel season tickets are scheduled to rise by an average of 5.8% and London bus and tube fares by 6.8%, some commuters in Kent will be hit with nearly a 13% rise. UK disposable income is being threatened, as the ‘squeezed middle’ gets strangled with bigger VAT and income tax hikes, at what point does it become non cost effective to stay with their current employer and look for local or more flexible employment?

Flexible working – Home working:
Flexible working would reduce travel related costs dramatically and incentivise staff to stay with their current employer, 2.2m people in the UK now work in some form and benefit from, Flexible working.

Business Benefits:
More business’s should look to see how flexible working can benefit them financially, with the advent of cloud-based pay-as-you-use technology, these solutions are now very cost effective, powerful and secure, enabling voice and data to be routed to wherever the worker is located, whether at home, remote office, train, motorway service station or coffee shop.

Implementing a flexible working approach saves your business money because you can make your office space work harder. Fewer permanently desk-based staff means fewer desks, equipment and reductions in your utility, maintenance and security bills.

Cloud Based Technology:
Use of cloud-based technology is definitely here to stay as the cost efficiencies of using managed services for IT and telecoms are beginning to outweigh any reservations over security in the minds of CTOs across the UK. State of the art data centres fed by superfast broadband, designed for maximum resilience and security are beginning to replace more vulnerable, office based sever rooms.

From these data centres phone calls can be routed to wherever the employee is located, opening a far wider range of opportunities for virtual contact centres that can be run at a fraction of the cost of office based operations. New Agent monitoring and call analytics deliver management and control at a cheaper price than you would expect using faster, easier to use technology.

UK based Specialist Technology company GemaTech has already delivered one travel consultancy customer with a completely virtual contact centre operation and is launching next generation Agent monitoring and Call Analytic modules to enhance their cloud-based managed service solutions for voice recording, call re-routing and business continuity.

GemaTech are, on the one hand, continuing to develop pay-as-you-use cloud-based solutions because they understand that customer budgets are squeezed. On the other hand they can also see the opportunities for both employees and employers to benefit from cost effective flexible working practices which stop both money and people walking out of the door.


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