Winter Flu Pandemic: Is Your Business Prepared?

Is your business prepared for mass absences of employees due to the winter flu pandemic?
Unlike the swine flu pandemic of last year, the emergence of a winter flu pandemic has hit the nation unawares, with media coverage only just taking off over the past 2 or 3 weeks. The latest headlines warn of a re-surgence of flu cases as people go back to work and children go back to school.

Our office was hit just before Christmas as a number of people were struck with flu, myself included. The recovery time was long and slow, but having my laptop at home meant that at least for part of the time I could keep on top of work and emails when I felt up to it. For many people this type of flexible working is still not an option which amazes me. It has been proven time and again that those people who are enabled to work from home take fewer sick days than those who are office based.

For those businesses who do have a flexible working plan which involves re-routing incoming phone calls, I hope that they have been kept up to date, after all what often happens is that calling plans are pulled out in an emergency and numbers have changed as employees have moved on…


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