Cut Cabling Leaves Hundreds Without Phones in Chesterfield

Yet again another story has hit the papers of malicious vandalism leaving residents and businesses without phone or internet access, as underground cables have been cut.

Around 740 faults were reported in the Chesterfield area as BT engineers are desparately trying to replace 400m of cabling to restore service.

Every week I issue a news round up, to a number of email subscribers, of stories which affect business continuity in a variety of different ways, be they fires, floods and more often than not, cut or stolen cables. There’s a never ending supply of reasons why businesses may not be able to continue operating because employees cannot get to their phones, or the phone service has been cut off.

Some of the more interesting stories I have uncovered in the past include:
– A tube station being closed due to an ‘unusual smell’ which caused delays for people getting into work.
– Rising cost of travel which has the knock on effect of more people wanting to work from home.
– An airbase being evacuated as a live missle was delivered in the post.
– Numerous power cuts across the UK cause chaos to businesses as phone lines are inevitably affected at the same time.

And week after week, as the resell value of copper continues to rise, thieves are being chased or caught in connection with copper cabling being stolen – either phone cabling or railway signal cabling.

All of these business disruptions mean that to some extent phones can’t be answered, but by re-routing calls at your local serving exchange to mobile phones or home phone lines, businesses can carry on being open to customers, by simply working round the problem.


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