Not answering the phone? UK Businesses Could be Losing £70bn According to Vodafone Study

Being at the end of the phone when your potential customers call you is all you need to ensure that you’re not missing out on thousands of pounds of revenue in new contracts. Being uncontactable in this day and age is simply not acceptable, particularly by people under time pressure.

According to a recent study by Vodafone, UK businesses are losing contracts because they cannot be reached fast enough by potential customers.

The cost, according to the survey, can mount up to around £30,000 per company and therefore can equate to an estimated £70bn potential losses across the country.

The Problem
Over the past year, almost four in 10 businesses (39 per cent) that had cancelled a contract with a supplier, did so because of poor communication. They cited difficulty contacting key decision makers or getting a slow response to an urgent call as being the deciding factor when terminating the contract.

The Solution
There are a variety of different reasons why your employees are not answering the phone to those potential customers: it could be not enough staff to answer the number of calls you recieve, you may be experiencing a business interruption of some kind where employees are evacuated from their offices, or simply can’t get into their offices. Whatever the reason, it is simple enough to re-route incoming calls instantly and seamlessly to mobile phones, home phones or indeed any other phone in any other location. This way you have a variety of ways in which to overcome the ‘missed call’ problem.


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