The Vulnerability of Telecoms Cabinets

I bet you’ve all seen them, those green metal cabinets at various points on the side of pavements. But have you ever realised their importance, and actually how vulnerable they are to disruption?

The green cabinets I am referring to are BT’s distribution points which transfer incoming phone calls from the local serving exchange to the intended recipient in the house or business in the immediate local area.

On Sunday morning at around 2.30am one particular cabinet in Ramsbottom was subject to alleged vandalism when it caught fire, causing severe damage to lines into hundreds of homes and businesses.

There is little that can be done quickly to help residential customers. They simply have to sit and wait for repairs to be made. But businesses can protect themselves very easily by investing in a solution which means that should the cabinet be subject to such a disaster, their calls can be re-routed automatically to other phones in other locations providing business continuity without disruption.

By investing in a solution which is ‘exchange-based’, individual incoming DDI numbers can be re-routed to any other location making working practices flexible and providing business as usual in times of outages and disruptions.

For further information on the range of solutions available in the market just drop me a line.


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