• Blackberry Voice Recording

Voice Recording for Blackberry® Smartphones:

Specialist Voice Recording Solution for BlackBerry® smartphone users provided by GemaTech. Using an application from Voxsmart (an official Blackberry Alliance Member). Read how voice recording can benefit my company...

You can benefit from fully encrypted voice recording of incoming calls received by and outgoing calls made from your BlackBerry smartphone, which are digitally stored on GemaTech’s geographically dispersed data storage network, or on your own voice recording solution. Search and retrieval of voice recordings is undertaken through GemaTech’s own advanced secure portal. View the main voice recording features...

We are able to offer two versions of the solution, one which automatically records all phone calls made to and from the BlackBerry smartphone device in order to be fully compliant, and a second version which is a demand-based service whereby a user can choose which phone calls they would like to record:

Fully Compliant:
This version automatically voice records every call for protection and compliance. Unless voice recording can be initiated, the user will be unable to make a phone call from their BlackBerry Smartphone using this version of the solution.

Demand Version:
There are two versions of the demand solution. One which allows a user to suppress the voice recording for certain calls, and another which allows a user to initiate voice recording for selected calls, using the designated side button on the smartphone. Why use GemaTech's BlackBerry smartphone solution?...

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