• Blackberry Voice Recording

Why use GemaTech’s Voice Recording for Blackberry® Smartphones:

GemaTech’s Fully Managed Voice Recording for BlackBerry® smartphones service offers a cost effective and resilient means of recording, storing and retrieving all phone calls made to and from a BlackBerry smartphone.

Storage and Encryption:
There is no need for investing in expensive voice recording and storage solutions which require on-site maintenance. GemaTech take care of all the storage and encryption, enabling your organisation to focus on what they do best.

Call Retrieval:
Voice recordings are retrieved via a secure and simple to use portal which can be accessed from any remote location where you can get an internet connection. Our advanced search facility means that a recording can be found in seconds rather than minutes and all records are time and date stamped.

Our permission structure is also completely flexible so that you can decide which team members have the authority to able to hear selected voice recordings.

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