• Blackberry Voice Recording

How does this Benefit my Business?

Mobile Voice Recording for BlackBerry® smartphones is your organisation’s insurance against false accusations or loss of business critical information. By being able to retrieve what was actually said during conversations, disputes can be quickly resolved and your organisation’s reputation and integrity protected.

Busy financial traders can also recall any critical information which they may have forgotten from a particular phone call, improving efficiency and service. Compliance managers can also benefit from being able to quickly find and playback any message required.

Key Benefits:

  • Works with your existing BlackBerry smartphone number.
  • No need to change network provider.
  • Fast set-up times make it scalable and easy to get started.
  • Provides minimal disruption to your normal BlackBerry smartphone use.
  • Fully managed storage and retrieval provides complete resilience and cost efficiencies.
  • High quality dual channel, or ‘stereo’ replay makes it easy to distinguish ‘who said what’ during any conversation.
  • Advanced search and retrieval tool makes it even easier to find the appropriate recording.
  • Any level of management can be assigned the appropriate authority to be able to search and retrieve voice recordings making it easier to retrieve vital information in a pressurised situation.

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