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Focused on more Flexible ways of Working.

GemaTech to present a flexible working approach to business continuity.

At Business Continuity – The Risk Management Expo 2006, telephony solutions provider GemaTech, will be showcasing BCM & BCMLITE, its business continuity solutions designed to instantaneously and seamlessly recover all of a company’s incoming telephone calls should a disaster strike.

GemaTech provides a robust and resilient solution that offers continual communication. If a problem occurs with the telephone connection, calls are automatically re-directed from the sanctity of the local exchange, at which point gematech’s powerful re-routing software is used to forward calls directed to an individual service number within a Call Centre or individual DDI basis in the case of a conventional business environment to individual employees in any remote location.

Graham Chick, Chief Executive, GemaTech, comments, “We’re living in increasingly uncertain times where the number of business risks is increasing significantly. Without access to incoming calls from your customers – the lifeblood of any company – the cost to any business can be substantial, but telecoms resilience is still taken for granted by far too many complacent telecoms managers where continuity planning is concerned.”

Chick continues, “The potential for GemaTech’s powerful and flexible BCM & BCMLITE product range is huge – especially when the ability to work from home, or at least closer to home i.e. working from remote offices, will become a necessity when planning for any kind of pandemic.“

With loyal employees having to endure ever longer commutes and struggling to adequately combine the work/life balance, there is a clear requirement for flexible working opportunities. GemaTech’s technology enables organisations of any size, whether they be Call Centres or conventional businesses to remotely change re-routing call plans and employee locations at the click of a mouse.

organisations that prefer employees to be office based for most of the time can use this technology to more effectively manage staff time – enabling home working on the day of a doctor’s appointment, for example, or in response to bad weather or possibly a rail / tube /firemen’s strike.

Chick concludes, “Inherently, it is this flexible approach to business continuity that fundamentally transforms productivity within any business and avoids the massive overhead associated with time lost to day-to-day, or indeed crisis driven situations. The Business Continuity Expo is an excellent opportunity to heighten the awareness of the issues associated with business continuity planning. Companies shouldn’t be complacent and investment shouldn’t be put off until next year, next month or even next week.”