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Quality Voice Recording – at an Affordable Price.

There is absolutely no doubt that a new generation of technologically advanced voice recording products and solutions has finally broken through the financial pain barrier and made trunk side voice recording solutions “affordable to all”.

GemaTech is one such company that specialises in the design and development of leading edge digital telecommunications technology providing innovative products and solutions for emerging markets including the creation of virtual call centres, seamless business continuity and cost effective secure voice/call recording.

The core technology incorporated in GemaTech’s Secure Voice Recording products, SVR & SVRLITE is truly unique. It is a totally integrated solution comprising GemaTech’s bespoke hardware platform based upon well established and reliable digital signal processing (DSP). The accompanying software, developed in-house by specialist engineers, provides the uniqueness to the product range which delivers what is arguably the best price/performance voice recording product available in the market today.

Features include:

Perfect Quality Recording: GemaTech’s technology records the digital signaling of both incoming and outgoing channels separately as they pass through the ISDN 30 digital phone line, such that it records the calls in original digital format, stores the call digitally and then retrieves and plays back the recording in digital format with absolutely no loss of quality from the original voice call.

Dual Channel Recording: GemaTech’s unique approach of recording each “channel” separately whereby the incoming caller is recorded separately from the person being called provides the benefit of when a recording is played back, the incoming caller is heard out of one speaker and the recipient of the call is heard out of the other speaker. Not only is this format much easier on the ear to listen to, but it absolutely proves beyond doubt who said what during a, possibly, disputed, telephone conversation.

ACD/PBX Independent: GemaTech’s SVRLITE sits passively on the incoming ISDN 30 trunk and only requires (optional) integration to the ACD/PBX via the CDR port.

Access and Retrieval: In addition to the sophisticated JAVA playback facility, an extremely simple to use HTML format is also supplied as standard which enables up to five levels of secure access to playback recordings including the ability for every person to quickly and easily recover and play back their own recordings.

Statistical Reporting: – Full statistics are available using GemaTech’s integrated database including trunk utilization, calls per hour, storage capacity available and fault reporting. Also stored with every recording includes date and time of call, number prefix (such as the access code used), originating DDI/extension number, destination number, call direction, channel number, port number, call duration.

Price: £10,000 per 30 concurrent calls passing through a single ISDN 30 with integration to the ACD/PBX being an option extra at £1,500. Installation costs £500. Additional SVRLITE units installed at the same site cost an additional £8,000 per unit. Leasing options are available either from GemaTech directly (for young “start ups”) or from conventional leasing companies.