• About GemaTech

About GemaTech:

Founded in 1995, The GemaTech Group of Companies is an established group of privately owned companies with a proven track record in designing, developing, distributing and selling innovative and leading edge products and solutions for the telecommunications technology market sector.

Focusing on new and more flexible ways of working for the 21st Century, GemaTech have developed leading edge products facilitating virtual (remote working - including homeworking) call centres, intelligent hot desking, business continuity and secure voice recording.

Concentrating on the development and delivery of cost effective solutions which deliver easily quantifiable and measurable early Returns on Investment (ROI), for companies both large and small, (our complete product range is fully scaleable from 5 to 32,000 simultaneous users), GemaTech have developed a number of software based applications from first principles – which also incorporate GemaTech’s own hardware platform and operating system.

Consequently GemaTech own 100% of all Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) deployed within our product range and are not dependant on any third party developer of technology to meet GemaTech’s specific requirements in order to maintain GemaTech’s development programme.