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Over the past decade reliance upon telephony as a key business tool has increased exponentially. Historically driven by increasing legislation in the finance sector, there has been a growing need to record calls to meet compliance regulations. Increasingly, these regulations will apply to any organisation providing telephone based client advice and not just banks and insurance companies.

Voice recording has proved to be a major asset in dispute resolution and employee management – yet the extortionate cost of traditional proprietary technology has made it the preserve of those forced to invest to meet compliance requirements. GemaTech however, offers a cost-effective, trunk side secure voice recording solution (SVRLITE) that enables any size of company to record all of their inbound and outbound telephone calls.

Graham Chick, Chief Executive, GemaTech, explains, “Most organisations have endured expensive, time consuming and potentially reputation damaging disputes with customers or suppliers as a result of disagreements over the content of voice based communications. Without accurate, easily accessible recordings of each and every conversation, disputes are hard to resolve.”

Too many companies that have invested in voice recording in the past have been unable to leverage the technology for dispute resolution due to high cost associated with recording all of their calls. However, with GemaTech’s trunk side voice recording solution, which offers a company wide recording rather than on an extension by extension basis, disputes are resolved immediately, therefore enabling the company to avoid expensive legal advice and the business disruption that would have arisen.

Chick continues, “If voice recording is to deliver its full value to an organisation it has to be complete – from the top of the organisation downwards. And that means adopting trunk, not extension, based recording. It means providing security levels to ensure board level calls are recorded but remain confidential whilst providing web based access to calls to enable immediate playback if required.”

Using GemaTech’s SVRLITE solution, both inbound and outbound calls are indexed in a number of ways including by date, time of day, inbound/outbound number dialled, as well as staff member and the extension number that is receiving or making the call. Calls can be accessed and replayed online via any secure web browser, based on the predefined security hierarchy, enabling either immediate playback of a conversation to confirm details – such as the number of product ordered – or to address a dispute that has arisen over a conversation that took place some time previously.

Chick concludes, “Compliance is becoming a fact of life for an increasing number of companies. There are few organisations, regardless of size, that are immune from the demands of both legislation and the need for customer dispute resolution. With orders being taken verbally becoming standard business practice and an ever-increasing litigious society, avoiding disputes along with the associated costs, is a serious objective.