• GemaTech Call Analyzer

GemaTech design, develop and manufacture advanced solutions for the business continuity and compliance markets.


Designed and built in the UK to the highest standards, providing your organisation with maximum resilience and compliance.


Providing business continuity solutions for industry, including finance, health, government, call centres and insurance.

Telecoms Business Continuity Specialists

GemaTech develops on-site and cloud-based telecoms solutions designed to facilitate more flexible ways of working within the contact centre, business continuity and compliance markets.

We provide instantaneous and seamless, complete or partial re-routing of all incoming calls on an individual phone number basis to any alternative phone anywhere, including hosted voice recording of all regular and re-routed calls to facilitate a resilient flexible working strategy.

Our philosophy can be summed up in the following deliverables:

The ability to work any time, from anywhere, on a global basis with the same functionality and access to centralized databases and IT infrastructure as if you were working in a conventional office.

Re-route individual numbers (DDI’s) as and when you like with the added ability to comprehensively monitor, manage and make changes, quickly and easily, real time to the call management plans as circumstances dictate – from anywhere in the world.

The ability to provide a solution within the financial constraints of the client i.e. If a client wishes to benefit from GemaTech’s technology there will be a way for them to afford it.